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We have done everything we can to make sure that every unit we sell is maintained after installation. It is a challenge that continues every single day as we continue to find the Grease Guard product left untouched for years at a time. We cannot stress the importance of maintenance enough. IT IS REQUIRED. See your options below for maintaining your Grease Guard product.


Full Service Program–Work performed by our teams is typically for national companies who would like to consolidate regional contractors. Service schedules are customized to you. This is your piece of mind option.

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Filter Auto‐Ship – Grease Guard will ship the top and center filters to the location of your choice on the frequency needed to allow the Grease Guard to be properly maintained.

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NO Maintenance Program–We have unfortunately seen this too many times. Competitors will present photos of our units “failing” when it is in fact a unit that has not been maintained in years.

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