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Restaurants & Hospitality

Simply put, grease travels through your exhaust system and the ductwork in your kitchen. Eventually, the exhaust fan will be coated in this grease which begins to seep onto the roof deck. There are many systems out there that claim to properly address this problem. We have the real solution

  • Prevent legal liabilities and workman’s comp claims. That is up to $107,000 per claim!*

  • Protect your roofing system and its warranty. Estimated Average value is $40,000!*

  • Protect your investments from fire damage. There are 7,000+ restaurant fires every year totaling over $200 million in direct damage. *

  • Reduce your operating costs. Preventative Maintenance on rooftops can provide up to almost 500% ROI over life of ownership.*

  • Keep fats, oils, and greases out of our storm drains and sewer system. Fines are now up to $25,000 per day!*

Get compliant with OSHA, NFPA, EPA, & Property Management requirements.

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